05 Jun 2020

Primary High Notes 5th May

Primary High Notes 5th May

Over the past week I have seen the Black Lives Matter protests sweeping across the United States and Europe. I have taken the opportunity to listen, reflect, and learn from the experiences and views of black and ethnic minority voices from both sides of the Atlantic.

Over the coming weeks we will use a number of channels to amplify voices that have helped our understanding, by giving us a window into experiences that differ from our own.

Our promise

As a school we will speak up in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We will seek to actively listen to all the voices within our school community and continue to learn from them. 

We will continue to strengthen our curriculum to ensure that all perspectives and voices are represented and valued.

We will continue to actively teach anti-racism, ensuring that we are a school which actively works to reduce inequalities, celebrate diversity and make a positive difference to our society.

Best Wishes 

A Special Break for Year 2

Year 2 received a surprise letter this week from Mrs Trindell and Mrs Cureton containing hot chocolate and Oreo biscuits because they are missing spending snack time altogether. Year 2 stopped working at 10:30am and sat down with their families to have a conversation about all the things that make us happy. Mrs Trindell and Mrs Cureton miss the funny break time conversations and hope that Year 2 enjoyed their yummy break!



Year 5 Animal Project

Year 5 have been working on an exciting combined English/Science and Topic project where they researched an animal. The children created some beautiful poetry and art on a chosen animal or plant, based on the book The Lost Words: https://www.thelostwords.org/book/. For inspiration, the children then watched the following YouTube video from The Lost Words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYKgtDXJ4mM

To view the full gallery of Year 5’s animal project work, please click here.



PSHE Week 6 Challenge

This week’s Primary PSHE and wellbeing task is called “Jolly June”. To watch Dr E-B set the challenge click here.

The children have been set the task to complete their very own calendar for June, adding in each day activities or thoughts that make them feel jolly and happy!

PSHE Mascot Competition

Thank you to all of the children who submitted their entries for the Primary Wellbeing Mascot Competition - we received over 50 entries! The judges are currently reviewing all the entries and we will reveal the winner soon!

The Beast of Buckingham Palace

Miss Bailey has been busy reading The Beast of Buckingham Palace by David Walliams. Year 4 have enjoyed reading along with Miss Bailey and we thought other year groups may also like to join in! Here are the links should you also wish to listen:

Part one: https://youtu.be/zGJFvN5pQdc

Part two: https://youtu.be/IGm5iMcYBm4

Part three: https://youtu.be/_vzS5la3VqU

Safeguarding Corner

If you feel your child would benefit from additional pastoral support at this time, please contact their class teacher in the first instance. Chaplain Jo is available to chat with pupils on Teams so do ask your child if you feel they would find this helpful.

If anyone is concerned about a Safeguarding issue, you can get in touch with Mrs Youngman, Acting Head of Primary and DSL via email, ryoungman@derbyhigh.derby.sch.uk