22 May 2020

Senior High Notes 22nd May

Senior High Notes 22nd May


As we come to the end of a full half term of remote schooling, I continue to be delighted by the quality and high standard of work that all our students have been producing. I am regularly emailed by many proud staff sharing a selection of these excellent pieces.
It is wonderful to see such creativity, imagination, curiosity and love of learning from our students both in their academic pursuits and super-curricular endeavours. This success is due to the combined efforts of our exceptional staff and all of you parents ensuring that the children are achieving impressive strides in their learning.

Preparations for some face to face contact in June for our L5 and L6, as per the Government guidance, are currently being made. For parents in those year groups, thank you for filling in the Survey Monkey to help us in our planning for the phased return. Further details will be ready after half term.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your positive comments and continuing support over the past few weeks. Together our Derby High community will come through these challenging times and emerge stronger than before.

I wish you all a good half term break. Stay safe and stay well! 

Best Wishes

Spanish Online Exchange

During the last 3 weeks L5/L6 Spanish have been doing an online speaking exchange with students from (IESO Las Batuecas) in Salamanca (Spain). The students in both schools have had the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills with native speakers every week. They have found the exchange an enrichment to their learning, a boost to their confidence, a change to their weekly routine and overall a great fun activity to do. Students have been absolutely committed every week and even arranging extra sessions at the weekends and half term. Excelente trabajo chicas! Sra Martínez


Teaching the World Algebra

In maths last week, Upper 3 completed their second of two weeks on the wonderful subject of solving equations. It is often a source of anxiety as we get to grips with a whole new language to explain situations that would take many words to say the same thing.

To help with this, on Friday, Upper 3’s task was to produce “something” that would help other people to overcome any issues they had with equations!

We had many PowerPoints explaining how to solve them, we had excellent videos from Sophia T and Claire M that gave us some ideas on how to “up” our video lesson game. We also had a few students writing detailed notes on the steps required to solve them. But we did love Zainab I’s letter to the entire English department explaining to them, very politely and apologetically, that in fact algebra is easier use than words. A contentious hypothesis, perhaps, but expressed so passionately and eloquently that we feel sure they will agree. We await a response from the English department…….

"To the English department.

I know what you are going to say.  Really, I do.  You are English teachers, not maths ones.  You are going to take one look at the subject of this letter (Algebra), then scrunch up this letter and throw it into the nearest recycling bin.  I cannot blame you.  Two weeks ago, I would have done the same thing.  But I will not do that anymore, because I understand Algebra now and realize – sorry for what I am about to say – it is much easier than words." 

Happy Eid al-Fitr

If you are celebrating Eid this weekend, we wish you and your family a happy and joyous time together.

Cycling Mileage Challenge

This week Miss Stirland announced the new PE Mileage challenge. The mileage challenge for the next three weeks it to see how many miles you can cycle. Email your mileage to Miss Stirland by 3pm on Tuesday 9th June. There’s an award for 75 miles, 150 miles and 300 miles. Good luck and stay safe whilst cycling!

More Prefect Announcements and Introductions:

St Patrick

House Captain, Katie

Deputy House Captain, Maisie

Deputy House Captain, Grace

St Andrew

House Captain, Lucy

“Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m really looking forward to being St Andrews House Captain – let’s win as many events as we can this year! I hope to see everyone at school again sometime soon :)”

Deputy House Captain, Purvi

Deputy House Captain, Lydia  

Co-Curricular Bulleting

Minecraft lovers may wish to look at this; Enginuity, have created a virtual world to discover and attract future engineers within Minecraft and it is free to play (Education edition) or with a Minecraft licence on PC/ Mac/ iOS and Android! Click here to play.

Countryside Classroom, download cards to teach and help you grow your own veg: click here. 

A great idea on how to feed the birds in your garden from Garden Organic: click here.  

Safeguarding Corner

Last week Instagram released a new update which includes features some students may helpful. These include:

• How to manage multiple unwanted interactions - this is the ability to bulk delete negative comments and block or restrict multiple accounts that post negative comments.

• How to highlight positive comments (coming soon) - positive comments can be pinned to the top of a post, meaning that anybody viewing the post will see positive comments first which may set a positive tone.

• Tags and mentions - these are often used to bully people so new controls are being released which allows the user to manage who can tag or mention them.

The Instagram blog which explains the features is HERE.