11 May 2020

Senior High Notes 7th May

Senior High Notes 7th May

The Maths Department appear to have an infinite number of problems for us to solve. Although it’s over twenty years since I sat A level Maths, I am thoroughly enjoying working through them as they appear on Twitter on a daily basis. Well done to Mr Dodson and his team for setting students (and parents) these challenges! 

It is widely anticipated that we will be told more details this weekend about possible timings for the reopening of schools. We already have given much thought and planning as to how to ensure the safety of staff and students when we are finally allowed to reopen. Once we have confirmation of the ‘roadmap' for lifting measures and getting our children back to school, we will finalise our plans and announce them at the earliest opportunity.

I do hope you have an opportunity to enjoy family time this weekend. It’s not quite the VE Day celebrations we had envisaged, but I am sure there will be some creative ideas amongst the Derby High community to commemora

Best Wishes,

Announcement of New Prefects: Head Team

Further to last week’s High Notes we are delighted to feature the new Prefects for the next academic year. This week we are featuring the new Head Team.

 Head Girl: Hannah

“I’m Hannah and I’m thrilled to be the new head girl, taking over from Jess who did an incredible job last year. I’m looking forward to taking on the role and seeing everyone when we finally go back to school.”


  Deputy Head: Sarah         Deputy Head: Aman

MFL Art Project 

Year 10 and 12 have been working on a cross-curricular project. The brief was to research an art movement from either France, Germany or Spain, depending on the language they study. Each project had several tasks, including a description of a painting they like in the target language and also the creation of a piece in the style of that art movement. Below are links to three galleries on the web site featuring some of the pieces created.

We have two winners in each category/language, one for the art piece they produced (judging this was assisted by Mrs Martin Smith) and one for the content and use of target language in the presentation. The effort from all has been excellent and the MFL team has thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work and the creativity of the students. 

These were ones that particularly stood out and the decision was very difficult!

French Winners

Artwork – Sora

Content – Aman

View the full French gallery – click here 

German Winners

Artwork – Annette

Content – Bethan

View the full German gallery – click here 


Spanish Winners

Atwork – Ruby

Content – Mia

View the full Spanish gallery – click here 

L4 Chemistry 

L4 have been learning about the collision theory and were asked to design a cartoon strip to illustrate what happens when a reaction is successful and when a reaction is not successful. They were asked to be creative and imaginative in their analogies of the collision theory. These were some of Mrs Wood's favourites but there were lots of other really imaginative ideas.


L5 Physics

L5 Physicists have been studying Gravitational Potential Energy and Work Done. During their lesson they were set the task to do 1J of work. This is quite easy in the lab as they can just lift 100g masses to the height of a metre rule but being at home meant it was much more challenging but much more fun. The students had to measure mass and height and items lifted ranged from pencils to water bottles to dictionaries and calculators. Food was a popular choice- melons, bananas, oranges, feta and babybel cheese, tins of tuna, tins of pesto, eggs, yoghurt, packets of toffifees and bars of chocolate. We also worked out that you would have to lift the chocolate bar 557000 times to burn off the energy from it as it contains 557kJ of energy!! 

Thanks to the terrific L5 for all getting fully involved.

PE Mileage Challenge

The PE Mileage Challenge deadline has been extended to include this weekend. Please send in results to Miss Stirland via email bsitland@derbyhigh.sch.uk by 3pm, Monday 11th May. Thank you. 

Co-Curricular Bulleting

Beat Goes On - daily 10 minute body percussion activities to get you moving to the beat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1sch6wmmcE

Creative home learning – from the Royal Opera House. Create and Learn invites you to explore the magical world of the theatre from home.  https://learning-platform.roh.org.uk/create-and-learn/

Parent Survey Monkey Feedback

Owing to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents for the last two weeks running and the desire to limit demands on parents at this busy time, we will not be issuing the Survey Monkey survey on Fridays any longer. Any parents wishing to give feedback please email remotelearning@derbyhigh.derby.shu.uk. Thank you.

CAMHS Resources

If you are looking for a place to find easy-to-access resources focused around children and young people's well-being, then you may find it helpful to visit camhs-resources.co.uk. Here you will find a huge wealth of resources, some produced by CAMHS and others drawn from a whole range of different organisations. As well as useful websites and apps, there are videos, downloadable self-help guides and book recommendations. The resources cover a whole range of mental health and emotional issues that children and young people might struggle with as well as some which are particularly aimed at informing about Coronavirus and supporting those who might be finding these times particularly challenging.

Safeguarding Corner

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have also identified a range of useful websites and information to help parents and children at this time. The website can be found here: https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/resources/covid-19-resources-parents-carers

The webpage can also be downloaded as a pdf here: https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/sites/default/files/generated-pdf/document/COVID-19---resources-for-parents-and-carers.pdf

Stay at home activities for children and young people