01 May 2020

Senior High Notes 1st May

Senior High Notes 1st May

We have been hugely impressed with the outstanding work being submitted to teachers, showing a tremendous academic curiosity and love of learning. Please keep sending in photos and videos of what you are doing!

I loved the Tweets this week from the Maths Department about their “virtual” trip to Bletchley Park. It made me (almost) feel we were actually there! I particularly enjoyed the inevitable visit to the Gift Shop. It was lovely to receive a response from Bletchley Park thanking us for our visit and hoping to see us again soon!

For those of you who are fans of Star Wars, Monday is a special day. If any of you are planning to do, or create, anything special to celebrate, please let us know.


Best wishes,

Congratulations to Mrs Orr

Congratulations to Mrs Orr who became a grandmother on Saturday to Milo Edward; mother and baby are well.

English Mini-Projects

This week we have encouraged our students across KS3 and KS4 to engage with language and develop their curiosity about it. They were given creative freedom in how they demonstrated their learning. The projects have started to come in, here are a couple of examples.  

Year 7 Geography

In Geography, Year 7 have been learning about how we measure and record the weather. Last week they were set the challenge to design their own weather instrument using materials found at home. Mrs Roe was impressed with their fabulous designs, including rain gauges, weather vanes, barometers and anemometers, which measure the air pressure and wind speed respectively.


Can you name the countries of the world?

George in U31 met the challenge set by Mr Gallagher to complete this devilishly hard quiz on Sporcle- naming, and correctly spelling, all 197 countries of the world in just 15 minutes. Georges form group got up to about 100 before Easter, but he took it upon himself to expand his place knowledge and got all 197 on his own. Fantastic work. If you want a go yourself this weekend go to: : https://www.sporcle.com/games/g/world

L6 A Level Business Poster Competition

Congratulations to Lydia who won the Pressure Group Poster Competition. Lydia based her work on Greenpeace and produced an excellent fact sheet on their methods, history and current actions. Well done Lydia.

Year 7 Symmetry Work

Year 7 were tasked last week with lots of activities to choose based around symmetry. Hettie chose to redesign the Derby High logo, the brief was that the new logo had to have a line of symmetry. Alfie looked into the symmetry in nature and captured this excellent picture of his cat, which is very symmetrical!


L6 Prefect Announcements

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs Chapman and Mrs Bellman spent a marvellous afternoon, video calling and emailing L6 students to announce their prefect roles.  It was wonderful to see them and we were again reminded of what a mature, well-rounded and talented bunch they all are.  We can't wait to work with them in the coming weeks.  Look out for more details in next week’s High Notes.

Co-Curricular Bulletin

·        Mr. Dodson did a virtual tour of Bletchley Park on Wednesday, see https://twitter.com/DHSMaths1 for more details or any of the school’s Social Media portals.

·        Bletchley Park is running a series of online activities – all details via their website https://www.bletchleypark.org.uk/  & Twitter feed.

·        Anyone missing school dinners?  Anyone enjoying cooking more? Chartwells have started a Youtube channel, the Super Yummy Kitchen : click here

Bank Holiday Friday 8th May 2020

Please note that next Friday is a bank holiday to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Safeguarding Corner 

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