01 Jul 2022

Derby High School Activity Day

Derby High School Activity Day

Derby High School was excited to hold another student Activity Day on Wednesday 29th June. The school invites a range of people to host interactive sessions in school, and this year’s guests included the famous voice actor Marc Silk, Joliba Drums, Ian Harrison from Dragon Freestyle and members of the Army.

Activity Day invites students to work together in their House group, and helps build connections between year groups which aid the school community for the rest of the year. Houses are able to get to know their new Sixth Form leaders, and the friendly inter-house competition sets the house spirit for the following academic year. The Army’s teambuilding exercises challenged the students to think creatively and work together. One Year 10, from St Andrew House, said “it taught us to work well in a group and use our problem solving skills. It was also a fun and involving way to interact with different year groups. I have been able to talk to people I haven’t before”. In previous years, viitors have included members of the RAF. The school looking to invite members from the Marines or Royal Navy next year. The Western African drumming session, provided by Joliba Drums, enabled the students to express themselves and work towards creating a beautiful sound together. Marc Silk provided an entertaining insight into the life of a voice actor, and engaged the students with stories of his experiences and methods when approaching new characters.

When commenting on the self-defence class, Mrs Amy Chapman, Head at Derby High School, said that “It’s great to see the students learning new skills and getting involved hands on, especially as they are learning skills that will help them feel confident and in control later in life.”  Ian Harrison has been coming to Derby High to teach Sixth Form self-defence for 10 years, and his sessions are always met with excitement from all ages. The skills he teaches stay with students all through life, and help empower them to feel safe in new situations.

The students enjoyed the day, and approached each activity with admirable enthusiasm. Mr Alec Lee, who organised the events, said “The providers were awesome, it was the commitment and spirit the students showed as Houses and individuals that made the day such a brilliant one.  Co-Curricular at Derby High is all about having a go and trying something you’ve maybe not tried before.  Well done to all of them!”

Derby High School is looking forward to carrying on the tradition, and cannot wait to see what opportunities the students will be given next year.