01 Apr 2022

Primary High Notes 1st April 2022

Primary High Notes 1st April 2022

Energising, exciting, fabulous! This term has been absolutely wonderful as we have been able to get back to so many more of the normal school activities and events which have had to either be on hold or moved online over the last two years. With sports fixtures, music and LAMDA awards and many more competitions, Mr Harper’s weekly celebration assemblies have been full to the brim.

 An enormous amount has been accomplished this term by students and staff. It is only ever possible to provide a flavour and a snapshot of all that is going on at Derby High through my weekly High Notes, but whatever your sons and daughters have been involved in, at whatever level, I congratulate them for their commitment, achievement and good humour. I thank you for all that you do to guide, support and encourage them. I would also like to thank the staff for their dedication and commitment to excellence. 

I hope you and your family have a restful and enjoyable Easter break. I look forward to seeing your children refreshed and ready to learn on the 25th April.

Best wishes

Easter Celebration

Yesterday morning, our Primary children and staff gathered together for our Easter Celebration. We enjoyed listening to readings and the beautiful singing of the Aria Choir, as well as singing hymns together. The children helped Freddie understand the real meaning of Easter. As a part of our service, we gathered together strings of raffia, which represent our prayers, hopes and dreams, and which will be hung out at the front of the school in the days ahead.


Year 3 Residential Trip

The Year 3 children travelled back millions of years to the Stone Age this week. During their residential, they delved into this ancient civilisation handling artefacts and tools and consolidating their existing knowledge.

They experienced Atl Atl throwing, crawling through caves, Stoneage art and even started their own fires.

Mrs Cureton and Mrs Trindell are immensely proud of them for showing their collaborative skills, caring qualities and being an absolute delight. 


Year 2 Visit Dudley Zoo

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Dudley Zoo on Monday, which formed part of their topic work on ‘Rainforests’. Whilst there, the children took part in a fun workshop, where they learnt about the layers of the rainforest, who lives there, and how it impacts our daily life. They had chance to meet-and-greet a Madagascar hissing cockroach and a Tenrec, which was super exciting! The children then explored the zoo, observing a number of animals from Tigers to Parrots. The children were a credit to the school, displaying exemplary behaviour throughout the day and the adults accompanying them on the trip thoroughly enjoyed their time with them. In the words of Aashvi “It was the best trip ever!”


Year 5 Visit Black Country Museum

On Wednesday, Year 5 stepped back in time with their visit to the Black Country Living Museum. The visit allowed them to bring their 'Victorians' topic learning to life as they explored the houses, shops, mine, cinema and even the fish and chip shop, for an authentic Victorian lunch!  Many of the shopkeepers commented on how polite and knowledgeable the children were too - well done, Year 5, what a credit to Derby High School you are!


Year 6 Visit the National Arboretum

Last week, Year 6 visited the National Memorial Arboretum, as part of their World War II topic. Pupils spent the morning participating in classroom activities relating to the Holocaust, which included learning about some heroes of the Holocaust - brave individuals who helped Jewish people during the war. The afternoon involved a tour of some key memorials, such as the Evacuee Memorial, the Garden of the Innocents and the Land Army memorial. As a final activity, pupils took part in an act of remembrance and laid a wreath. This was a very powerful, thought-provoking visit and the guides commented on how respectful, polite and thoughtful our pupils were throughout the day.


Reception’s Ducklings

What a wonderful experience the children in Reception have had the last two weeks, hatching duck eggs and taking care of five, now not so little, ducklings. The children started the experience with Farmer’s Day last Monday, dressing as farmers, learning about how the ducks grow and develop inside their eggs and how they would hatch. This was then followed by a day filled with craft, baking, acting, and a range of other farm activities. The eggs arrived early in the day on Monday and by the Tuesday daytime, we had already started to notice some pipping and could hear little chirps from inside the eggs. The children came in on Wednesday morning to find that three ducklings had hatched in the early hours of the morning and were so amazed to see them and to be duck mummies and daddies. We were so pleased that the other two ducklings hatched on the Wednesday morning, with some children even watching the last duckling hatch out of its egg as they arrived for school.

This week we have watched the ducklings grow in confidence as we have held them, let them stretch their legs and even watched them learn to swim. Thursday afternoon we let them have their final swim in school, where they were splashing around as we sang “Five Little Ducks”, before leaving to live in their new home. Berenice and Eva are thrilled to have five ducklings to take care of and the children in Reception are excited to know that they have a wonderful new home. Berenice has promised to keep her friends up to date with their developments and we would like to thank Berenice and Eva for taking on this responsibility of adopting five very cute little ducklings.


Primary House Music

As this edition of High Notes is published we will be listening to our Primary House Music finalists and choirs. A recording of the highlights and photographs will be shared on our first week back after the Easter holidays. Good luck to our finalists, Amelie (Saint Patrick), Maisie (Saint David), Oskar (Saint George) and Deyalah (Saint Andrew).

House Football

Year 5 took part in the final round of House Football this week. Each house had a squad of players and could play 7 players on the pitch at one time. The houses played in a round robin, playing all of the other houses in a 10 minute game. It was impressive to see the enthusiasm from each player and the fantastic teamwork demonstrated by each house. The games were close and the winning places had to be decided on goal difference. Now that we have the final scores from Year 5, we can announce the overall Primary House Football winners. The scores are as follows:

  • 1st Saint Patrick 38pts
  • 2nd Saint George 32pts
  • 3rd Saint David 24pts
  • 4th Saint Andrew 21pts



House Netball 

Year 6 house netball took place this week, the houses each had 1 team and played 2 halves of 7 minutes. The team were required to manage substitution fairly throughout the fixtures, this was a great opportunity for Y6 to work as a collaborative team. It was fantastic to see not only an improvement in the netball skills of our children, but also the teamwork they demonstrated. Year 3, 4 & 5 took part in their house netball in Spring 1, now that we have all of the scores for the year groups we can announce the overall Primary House Netball winners! The scores are as follows:

  • 1st Saint Patrick 48pts
  • 2nd Saint Andrew 29pts
  • 3rd Saint George 24pts
  • 4th Saint David 10pts


DCCT Gymnastics Competition

Yesterday, 12 children from Year 5 and 6 had fantastic fun competing in the DCCT gymnastics competition, which was hosted here at Derby High. The children had been working extremely hard towards this competition all term and were so excited to showcase their skills to the judges. All of them should be very proud of how well they performed as they were amazing and a true credit to the school. After competing in Body Management, Floor exercise and Vault, against 4 other schools, Derby High Team A came a fantastic 3rd out of 11 teams. A special mention must go to Pippy who astounded the judges with her skills and came 1st in the individual competition out of 44 children. It was an action-packed morning with all children enjoying the experience.

Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who kindly donated an Easter Egg. Chaplain Jo dropped off over 200 eggs at Derby City Mission who are partnering with the Food4Thought Alliance.

Kids in the Wild Opportunity

Uniform Reminder

Please be aware that children can wear summer uniform upon their return from the Easter break. However, should the weather be cold, winter uniform can also be worn. Thank you.

Safeguarding Corner

From Alan McKenzie's online safety briefing:

YouTube - Parent Allowlisting

The YouTube Kids app was introduced in the UK in January 2016 and was designed to allow younger children to use YouTube in a more managed (moderated) way whilst giving parents extra controls. Whilst it is a great app, my visits around primary schools over the years suggests that very few younger children use the YouTube Kids service. In conversation with the children and their parents, the biggest reason is usually because the channels/videos that the children want to watch are not available on the YouTube Kids app.

This has now changed. YouTube have introduced a new service called Parent Allowlisting which can be used on mobile devices where a parent can approve a video/channel from the main YouTube app into their child's YouTube Kids account.  There is a link to a video explainer on YouTube which you can find HERE.

What Are Anonymous and Honesty Apps?

At their core, these are apps which allow users to interact with each other without revealing who the users are. They are used for a variety of reasons, such as being able to ask questions that may be embarrassing, but equally they can be used to cause harm.

Internet Matters have put together a really useful page which answers many questions around anonymous and honesty apps.  You can find the page HERE.

Setting Up Devices for Children

Many of the parents/carers I speak to are not aware of the features that are available on devices, broadband etc. which can be used to help protect their children. Internet Matters have a huge range of advice and guidance, which includes simple guides to set up devices including tablets, phones, gaming devices and much more. A good starting page is THIS one.