25 Mar 2022

Senior High Notes 25th March 2022

Senior High Notes 25th March 2022

This week, I have been doing one of my favourite tasks of the year - interviewing each of our L6 students to award prefect roles for the next 12 months. Accompanying me in this have been Mr Gallagher and our Sixth Form tutors, who know these students particularly well. We have all been so impressed by the confidence, enthusiasm and breadth of talent these students exhibited during their interviews.

Recognising the potential in all of our students, we offer a range of opportunities and roles for our students to become involved in leading others, influencing practice and embedding change. It's important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills.

The boys and girls we interviewed should all be very proud of how they performed in this week’s interviews and we will be announcing next week how we have distributed the responsibilities, ready to take over from the U6 at May half term. Well done, everyone!

Last weekend our Year 11 students headed to the Peak District to undertake their Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition. Blessed with beautiful spring sunshine they enjoyed 2 days of hiking and a night under canvas, preparing them to take on their final expedition later this year. Today it is the turn of our Sixth Form students to head out to the Peak District for 3 days and 2 nights, for their Gold Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition.  It is great to see so many co-curricular activities flourishing. I am always so impressed by the willingness and desire from our students to be involved and give their best in everything they do and the dedication from our staff to offer a range of opportunities for their students.

Best wishes,

Silver Duke of Edinburgh

Last weekend saw our first D of E expedition of the year and what glorious weather we had for it, although the nights were rather chilly! Twenty eight Upper 5 students successfully completed their silver practice expedition, which involved three days of walking and two nights camping in Parwich.  The groups showed fantastic teamwork and are now fully prepared for their qualifying expedition in July.



U6 Physics trip to Cambridge

On Monday this week, the U6 physicists went to Cambridge to look around the Cavendish Museum and see the microscopes on display at the Materials Science Department. The trip allowed our students to learn more about different apparatus that they have been studying as part of their end of course option on discoveries in Physics. We were very lucky to have guided tours at both locations and they managed to see experimental instruments designed by some of the great physicists of all time, ranging from Maxwell to Thomson, and which included original pieces that won the Nobel Prize for Physics. They also got to view individual atoms with the 3-million-pound transmission electron microscope and the fine hairs and trapped pollen on a fly with a scanning electron microscope. Overall, our students saw many examples of how the Physics principles they have been studying for the past 2 years are being put into practice. A big thank you to Dr Stephen Martin, Dr John Walmsley and Dr Petr Vacek for giving up their valuable time on the day and making it a memorable and educational visit.


Live Virtual Tour of Berlin

Yesterday L6 and U6 German students took a live virtual tour of Berlin. The tour guide spoke in German and the tour was tailored to be relevant to the A-Level topics they study, for example the Berlin wall, Life in the East before the wall fell and life now in Berlin 30 years on.

The tour was very interesting and relevant and students then had a chance to ask questions in German and go through some of the new vocabulary learned.


Derbyshire Schools' Book Award Final

Our Year 7 and 8 book groups have been reading the Derbyshire Schools' book award (DSBA) over the last term. At the end of last week, we had a great trip to Derby university to take part in the final and find out which book was the winner.  We had a tour of the university campus followed by an author talk from Ben Davies, last year's winner.  Ten schools (90 young people) from across Derbyshire took part in the event which included presentations on each book from students. Our groups worked hard to create a presentation on one of the books - Talking to Alaska, this included a dramatisation of a scene from the book, thank you to Mr Lee for your star appearance!  Lots of books were bought and we all had a great time.


National Reading Champions Regional Heat

On Monday a team of 4 Year 9 students took part in this 2 hour event. They were up against 26 schools from the East Midlands in a live virtual and very interactive quiz of 8 rounds. They did really well, ending up joint 7th, which was even better than last year. They are already discussing tactics for next year and since they are too old to compete, will be training up our younger team to do even better next year. Well done to Zainab, Manroop, Anabelle and Lara from U4.

Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition

As part of the Year 10 Food Preparation and Nutrition course, students investigate the scientific properties of different ingredients. Last week they looked at how gluten, the protein in flour, influences bread making.

They all made a batch of identical bread rolls with one key difference - a range of flours with high, medium and low gluten contents and then observed and tasted the results.


House Trampolining

During some KS3 trampolining club sessions on a Wednesday lunchtime, an individual house trampolining competition took place. Members of the club were required to perform the school 10 bounce routine to the best of their abilities, and were able to perform this twice while Miss Allum judged their performances on their execution of the skills, bounce height and travel and overall aesthetics of the routine. Everyone who took part should be proud of their achievements, particularly those students who have taken up trampolining only recently and have worked hard to master individual skills before putting them into a routine.

All members will be able to find out their individual scores at the next trampolining club session, but the top three scores were awarded to:

2nd - Isla H (Saint George) and Layla S (Saint George) with scores of 8.1

1st - Hannah S (Saint George) with a score of 8.3

Hannah, representing Saint George, was crowned the House Trampolining winner for this academic year.

Well done to all.

U13 County Netball Tournament

A mixed team of Year 7s and Year 8s travelled to Tupton Hall School to compete in the U13 Derbyshire County Netball tournament on a sunny Thursday afternoon this week. The tournament comprised of 8 teams from across the county, and was played as a round robin format.

The team faced some tough competition throughout the afternoon, but it was a great opportunity for them to put all they have learnt over this year into practice, and to see which combinations of players worked well together.

An early loss against QEGS was a bit of a tough warm up, but it shaped their focus for the games moving forward. The team managed their composure and dug deep to win a close second game against Chellaston, winning 2-1. They then played four games against tough and well-drilled opposition, including the eventual winners and runner-up, but their efforts never faltered and they did their best to listen to guidance and feedback from the side-lines and between games. It was then excellent to finish off the tournament with a well-executed 4-1 win over local rivals, Littleover. The team utilised the space on court much better, and were more assertive in the shooting circle, securing their second win of the tournament.

All of the students who took part should be proud of their achievements and efforts in the tournament. It was a great opportunity for them to learn, and experience a squad situation during the tournament where there were plenty of students to select from for each game. They collaborated well and supported one another beautifully, representing the school in an excellent manner.

A huge well done to all who took part.

Year 9 and 10 B Netball Festival

On Wednesday, Derby High hosted the Derby City Year 9/10 B team Netball Festival, and we entered a Year 9 and a Year 10 team. All teams played three pool games, before either moving into the cup or plate of the festival.

Both teams worked with focus and determination throughout the afternoon, and demonstrated some excellent sportsmanship and progress with their netball skills.

The Year 9s fought hard against their three opponents in the pool stages, but sadly were unable to win any of their games but did score a total of 10 goals in those three games. They then progressed to the Plate section of the festival, where they stepped up their game and collaboration, managing to secure two wins over Da Vinci and City of Derby Academy. With their final game ending in a very close loss, the team should be proud of finishing 2nd place in the Plate competition - well done.

The Year 10s did a fantastic job over the afternoon - they played some tight and exciting netball, securing two 1-1 draws with Chellaston and Noel Baker, and a 4-0 win over City of Derby Academy before moving into the Cup competition. Their determination never faltered and they did their best to utilise space and get shots on target. Their final three games ended in two draws, and a well deserved 2-2 draw against Ecclesbourne, which meant that they finished 4th overall.

A really great afternoon of netball, and it was lovely to see the teams rally together, work hard and try to put all they have practiced into play.


U12 Netball v Littleover Community School

On Wednesday, two Year 7 Netball teams played matches against Littleover School. The Derby High pink team narrowly lost 4-3, despite a brilliant comeback from 4-0 down in the last quarter. Despite just missing out on the win, they pink team dug deep and should be very proud of their determination.  The Derby High red team played some fantastic netball and won with a comfortable score of 5-1.  They were consistent and worked hard to maintain their lead, listened to advise and put what they had learned in school into practise.  Well done to everyone!


Well Done, Annabelle

It has been a fantastic season for Annabelle, she competed in her last race of the season at the weekend and had lots of achievements to be proud of.

On Saturday 12th March, she represented Derbyshire in the CAU Inter County Championships, which consisted of runners from all parts of the UK. It was at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough and she came 73rd out of 256 people. The course was all uphill instead of downhill, as they reversed the course due to the mud, however Annabelle still fell over and got spiked really badly, but she refused to drop out, showing her pure determination and resilience. Then on Saturday 19th March she represented Derbyshire again, but this time in the English Schools Cross Country Championships which consisted of runners from schools across the nation. It was at Hop Farm, Kent and she came 66th out of 278 people. This course was flat and fast, which suits Annabelle, but unfortunately she tripped over again losing a few positions, but she still did really well considering the fall and the heat! You are a great role model to our school community, well done!


Charity Collection

A huge thank you to the amazing Derby High community for all your donations for Ukraine. So far we have collected over 40 boxes of donations and well over 30 blankets and sleeping bags. Mr Lee and Chaplain Jo took the collection to the Polish Club in Loughborough this week, which will be transported to Poland to be distributed where needed most. We are collecting until next Wednesday so do feel free to keep donating!


Thank you to everyone who has donated Easter Eggs to support Derby Food4Thought Alliance in their attempt to provide 10,000 Easter Eggs to those in need closer to home. In order to be consistent they are asking that eggs (or other Easter treats) of around £2 each should be given. We will be welcoming donations in Primary and Senior Reception until Wednesday 30th March.

Safeguarding Corner

New CEOP Resources (11-18 Year Olds)

There is a new online resource for young people (11-18) to provide information and guidance across 7 categories including relationships, socialising online, abuse and more.  This has been shared with students today. Do encourage them to explore it! You can take a look at the new site HERE.

Resource from the Anna Freud Centre

A useful resource from the Anna Freud Centre about how to talk to your child about the invasion of Ukraine: 

How to talk to your teenager about the invasion of Ukraine : Mentally Healthy Schools

Let’s all Talk Mental Health

Let’s all Talk Mental Health is an online hub featuring insightful & supportive LIVE sessions alongside an extensive library of talks, interviews and Q&A’s with the UK’s leading experts covering all key areas of teen mental health including anxiety, OCD, depression, eating disorders, ADHD, autism & self-harm. Parents, carers and educators can join LIVE sessions or watch on-demand at a time to suit. Each LIVE session features at least 30 minutes of audience Q&A which we know our viewers find incredibly useful. 

Find out more here: Let's all Talk Mental Health (letsalltalkmentalhealth.co.uk)