21 Jan 2022

Primary High Notes 21st January 2022

Primary High Notes 21st January 2022

I am delighted to announce that Mr Richard Gould has been appointed to the newly created role of Assistant Head (Academic) in Primary. Mr Gould will take responsibility for managing curriculum, assessment and reporting, joining Mr Harper and Mrs Youngman, Assistant Head (Pastoral) as members of the Whole School Leadership Team. The Leadership Team has been expanded as a consequence of the growth in numbers in Primary over the past few years.

Today we are auditioning Year 6 pupils for Senior School scholarships in Music, Drama, Sport and Art & Design, with our specialist staff being most impressed by the high standard and enthusiasm of the applicants. Currently, we have a record number of children sitting the Year 7 Entrance Exam on January 24th, which means that for the second year running we are planning for a 3 form entry in Year 7. We are currently full throughout years 7-11, with waiting lists operating. Whilst we are expanding, we are not compromising on class size, being aware that parents are often choosing us because of relatively small class sizes.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming parents to our first in-school music Primary Teatime Concert next week. It is wonderful to be able to showcase the excellent musical talents of our pupils in these concerts and for the first time in two years, to welcome parents back to watch. This is the first of a number of concerts and productions this term. 

Best wishes

Charity Event for Rainbows Hospice – Friday 28th January

We are looking forward to our charity events next Friday. Parents have been sent a HighPost this afternoon with full details. The School Council, along with our Y6 Charity Representatives, have decided that we will be supporting the Rainbows Hospice on our Primary Charity Day. Thank you in advance for supporting our first charity event of 2022.

Derby High School is fundraising for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People (justgiving.com)

Woodland Wizards

The woodland wizards have been out having fun and working hard this week making clay faces on the trees at the front of the school.



Do take a look if you are visiting school, taking care to tread carefully on the Conservation Area. They are placed in the woodland area at the front of the school.

U8/9 Netball v St Anselms

This week we welcomed St Anselms to our school to play a U8/9 Netball fixture. This was the first netball fixture of the year for some of our children and a fantastic chance for them to play some friendly, but competitive netball.  We often play a High-5 version of netball at this age, which has recently had a revamp from England Netball to ‘Bee’ Netball.

St Anselms requested to play 7-a-side which gave our children an opportunity to play a competitive game with all 7 playing positions. Although we lost our game, we worked really well as a team, listened to the advice of both umpires and had a great time playing a fantastic sport. Well done to all of the players who took part.

U11 Netball at Repton Prep Netball Tournament 

On Saturday, a Y6 netball team played in Repton Prep School's U11 tournament. There were 11 teams altogether, playing in two groups. DHS played 5 matches in their group, all of which were closely contested, resulting in close final scores. All players showed considerable versatility, having to change position frequently according to the new England Netball rules for 'Stinger' netball. This was a great opportunity to experience a large tournament and to develop as a team. Despite not managing a win, they showed resilience and a strong collaborative team spirit.

A Hard Day’s Night by The Tiptoe School of Performing Arts

Last weekend, seven Derby High students performed in the spectacular show, “A Hard Day’s Night” at Derby Theatre with The Tiptoe School of Performing Arts. They showcased their skills in ballet, tap, modern, street, acro and musical theatre in three amazing performances where they all danced their hearts out and shone so confidently. The students have all worked so hard towards this show and after having their annual show cancelled last year due to COVID, they were all extremely excited. For Joshua (Y1), this was his first ever performance and despite being nervous, he was amazing!

Mrs Ley, Mrs Martinez and Mrs Liddle were at the theatre all weekend with their own children and they were all extremely proud of all the Derby High Students.


Safeguarding Corner

From Alan McKenzie's online safety briefing:

Is Your Child Ready for Social Media?

The ThinkUKnow team at CEOP have written a great new blog post to give advice and guidance regarding social media. It's a nice, simple, quick read going into the risks, considerations for whether the child is ready, minimum age requirements and more.  We are aware that a lot of our students are using apps at a much younger age than is recommended, so it is worth familiarising yourself HERE.

Social Media Scams

An excellent new resource from Internet Matters gives information, facts, support and advice in relation to scams on social media. We can all be scammed and the techniques used are often quite simple. You can find the information on the Internet Matters website HERE.

YouTube Supervised Experience

Supervised Experience builds on the historic Restricted Mode, which is essentially a filter allowing users to block content which is deemed for adult users only. There are now 3 filtering levels which are:

•             Explore - for users 9+.

•             Explore More - for users 13+

•             Most of YouTube - all content excluding content marked as 18+.

Importantly, parents manage these settings from their own device via Google Family Link.

There's a really simple and helpful guide HERE. It also includes a walkthrough video (under "Supervised Accounts on YouTube - How do I Get Started?".