24 Nov 2021

Primary High Notes 24th November 2021

Primary High Notes 24th November 2021

It may have only been a three day week, but this week has been full to the brim. Year 5 enjoyed National Space Day yesterday and on Monday we welcomed nine visiting schools for an Upper Juniors’ netball festival.

It is fantastic to see our outdoor Christmas tree return to the Head’s Lawn. Christmas preparations are in full swing with lots of rehearsals and recordings for our Christingle, Christmas productions and Carol Service. We look forward to sharing these performances with you in the coming weeks.

I wish you a restful, extended weekend. The exeat gives everyone the opportunity to recharge batteries ready for the final weeks of the term.

Best wishes,


Y4 Ancient Greek Topic

Year 4 believe the Ancient Greeks had great baking skills because yesterday they copied a recipe for Honey Bread Rolls with huge success and some very tasty results.  The classes then collaborated to research and deliver a poster report about daily life in Ancient Greece.  A fun day with much to be both excited and proud. 


Y6 Netball

Our Year 6 netball team had their first fixtures of the year on Monday, participating in the DCCT Bee Netball competition. The squad of 10 players showed their adaptability as they played on a rotation basis, constantly changing positions. The competition gave them the opportunity to develop skills and teamwork in a series of hard-fought matches. All the team members played with determination and great collaboration. They thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon of netball!

Y5 Venture into Space!

On Tuesday, Year 5 ‘NASA cadets’ arrived in school in business attire, rather than their school uniform, for morning of activities related to their current Science topic of Space. 

After watching a rocket exploding on its journey to the ISS, the ‘cadets’ were tasked with funding, marketing, designing, building and launching their own rocket to deliver supplies to the astronauts on the ISS, as well as training a group of astronauts to dock with the ISS using a simulator! 

Using their Thinking for Learning (T4L) skills of collaboration, creativity, curiosity, communication, persistence, responsible risk, and metacognition, they worked together tirelessly to solve the many problems presented to them throughout the morning.  Using the expert advice and knowledge of ‘Professor’ Coward, ‘Dr’ Horne and Dr Ngwereme, as well as the expertise of the ‘technical advisor for NASA’ (AKA Mr Coward!) in a Q&A session, all groups came together to present their proposals to ‘The President’ (Mr Harper!) and the NASA board of directors at the end of the morning.

With a fabulous fundraising campaign, marvellous marketing, perfect publicity, dynamic designs, and amazing astronauts, the rocket was built. One month later, the heavily sponsored rocket (Mr Harper paid £1billion for the DHS logo to be painted on the side!) launched into space, successfully, and saved the lives of the astronauts on the ISS!  Well done Year 5…. Prospective careers for you all perhaps!


Primary Tea Time Concert

Today we are delighted to share with you our second Primary Tea Time concert. A series of recorded concerts to provide an opportunity for our Primary pupils to showcase their work they are doing in lessons and at home.

 Thank all our performers who have contributed to this wonderful concert. We hope you enjoy watching this recording as much as the children did recording it.

To watch the concert please click here.


Primary Christingle Service

Our children are beginning their festive preparations and we have been recording our Primary Christingle Service this week. We will be sending out a link to all parents to watch our magical Christingle Service on the 7th December. We look forward to sharing it with you.


Creative Writing Competition

Does your child have a flair for writing?  If so, click the link to find out more:


Cycle Derby Holiday Clubs

Safeguarding Corner

Cyberbullying information

After the success of anti-bullying week, here is a useful guide to Cyberbullying and how you can support your child online: Cyberbullying facts and advice | Internet Matters'

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