01 Oct 2021

Senior High Notes 24th September 2021

Senior High Notes 24th September 2021

There was a real buzz in school today with the first House competition of the year taking place. It was wonderful to have so many students taking part or spectating.


There will be many opportunities for our students to take part in a wide variety of competitions, representing their house, over the course of this year. Wherever a student’s talent lies there will be an opportunity from football to bench ball, house challenge, debating and even house gardening.

My assembly this morning focused on the message behind the lovely, quirky “The Pig of Happiness” by Edward Monkton. We thought about how sharing a smile with someone else made us and them feel. By sharing our happiness and positivity, even with just the simple gesture of a smile, we can create a snowball effect, and just as in the story, leak happiness across our whole community. Without even knowing or thinking about it, how we are with others can have a great effect on those around us. We listened to the wonderful song “For Good” from the musical Wicked. I asked our students to think about the lyrics: “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good”. We can all have a powerful effect on those around us - it is for us to choose to make that positive, in both our words and our actions.

We have been so impressed with how our students have managed returning to increased Covid safety measures in school. I am pleased to report that the number of cases has significantly reduced this week. We will continue with all measures until half term, when we will review the situation both in school and the wider community.

Best wishes 

U3 Team Building

On Friday 17th September, the U3s had a Team Building afternoon led by a company called Wise Up. The year group were split into groups of about 9-10 pupils, from a mixture of the three form groups: some people may rarely have spoken to some of their teammates, so already it was a great way to meet people and form some new relationships! Each team also were lucky enough to have an U6th prefect as their Leader, taking them around the activities.

The aim of the afternoon was for each team to navigate their way through physical and logical challenges, with different people leading during the different activities, from Giant Nails to Gutter Ball to Hover Ball to Say What You See to Caterpillar Crawl, and many, many more!

It was really great to see the students having fun and laughing away, whilst also remaining focus and determined to succeed in their challenges. However, the afternoon wasn't about who came first, or who came last; it was about the students getting to know other people in their year group, who perhaps they hadn't spent time with before, or even spoken to before, having fun and working together as a group to take on the challenges! There was certainly plenty of persistence and determination on show!



Assembly on Kindness

Mr. Lee's assembly on Thursday discussed the issue of kindness - the origins of the word, where we see kindness mentioned in our everyday language and even in songs.  Mrs. Seddon in the Psychology department has found a link to a study being undertaken with The University of Surrey and BBC Radio 4 which aims to measure and evaluate our levels of kindness.  You can find out more and take the survey by clicking here. Please note the survey is aimed at older students and adults.

The survey should take about 30 minutes to complete.  Mr. Lee will revisit this topic when the results and findings are released in February 2022.

Isaac Physics

Mrs Orr and Dr Bhattacharyya, from the physics department, were both awarded Active Teacher status in July from Isaac Physics (https://isaacphysics.org) for making regular use of Isaac Physics resources with our GCSE and A-level students last year. Isaac Physics is a highly regarded and successful website designed to offer support and activities in physics problem solving to students transitioning from GCSE all the way through to university. Mrs Orr and Dr Bhattacharyya were invited to a virtual presentation evening at the start of the summer holiday, where they were presented with their award alongside many other physics teachers from around the country. This was a pleasing way to finish the year after finding the work on the website so valuable for our students here at Derby High School.

Library news

This week U3 enjoyed some mindful activities during their lunch slot on Monday. We will be adding more activities each week such as origami, jigsaws and colouring.

New Twitter Account 

Follow all the latest Library news on twitter @DHS_LibraryNews, we’ll be posting what's going on and book recommendations. 


U13 ESFA Playstation Cup

Congratulations to everyone involved in the English Schools Football Association Under 13 Playstation 9 a-side cup game at Carlton Le Willow Academy. Although not victorious, we played with great enthusiasm and resilience. It was an opportunity to play in a national competition in our new kit.  It was a fantastic team performance, but a special mention must go to Emma (U3), Charan (U3) and Edward (L4) who were instrumental in leading the defence and midfield.

Netball Selection for Tilly

Congratulation to Tilly L4, who has been selected to play for the Derbyshire U13 netball squad for the season on 2021/2022! What a fantastic achievement, we wish you all the best for the up-coming season! 

Congratulations Jess

Congratulation to Jess U4, for achieving her Marston Maples Trophy for her Cricket Club and also for achieving her Bronze 1, 2 and 3 for Rookie Lifeguard. What an amazing skill to learn! Well done Jess!


Florrie Competes in the London Marathon Trials

Last Sunday Florrie U4, competed in the London Marathon trails. Florrie finished 11th in the elite U15 girls category. What an amazing achievement, especially after finishing 1st in her age group in the cross country only a few days before. Well done Florrie!


Pickering Grange Equestrian Centre Success for Darcy

A few weekends back, Darcy L6, competed at Pickering Grange Equestrian Centre. Darcy jumped both 1 and 1.05m on the day. Her Horse Pippa is growing in confidence and trust. Both Darcy and Pippa are in training for an upcoming 3 days competition at Wales and West at the beginning of October. Well done for your performance in Pickering and we wish you all the best for the up-coming competition in Wales. 


Well done Connie

Congratulation to Connie in U6 for her win against Findern at the weekend. The score was 6-0 and Connie scored one of those goals! Well done Connie!

City Cross Country at West Park

Well done to Hannah, Emily and Florrie in U4, Millie, Freya, Melody, Alex, Mason, Charlie and Esme in U3, and Edward, Florence and Juliette in L4. We are so proud of all our students for participating in The City Cross Country last Friday at West Park. Congratulations to Florrie for coming 1st in her age group and Mason for coming 2nd in his age group.

Careers and Employability

L6 began their Careers and Employability module in Truly Educated on Thursday afternoon.  Oonagh from our partners InvestIN joined us on Microsoft Teams to deliver a talk and some activities about Networking, how to research the job market and make the first steps in finding work experience opportunities.  These are always topics parents can talk about with their children and Oonagh has kindly provided a summary of the main points, to view click the link below:


Safeguarding Corner

The new DITTO Online Safety magazine is available from www.esafety-adviser.com
You can download the PDF edition HERE. This is a direct download.

There is also an audible version, hosted on SoundCloud and can be accessed HERE for those who prefer podcasts.