11 Jun 2021

Senior High Notes 11th June 2021

Senior High Notes 11th June 2021

In my assembly this morning I talked about daisies. On my walks to work I see a lot of them, especially in the grass on the pavements along Chain Lane. Unlike many other flowers, daisies are seen as weeds, so we don’t worry if we mow them or trample on them. Daisies are found in many places, including in grass, in cracks in the ground and on waste sites. They are good at conquering new habitats. In fact, daisies can be found everywhere on earth except Antarctica. I think there are two important lessons we can learn from daisies.

Firstly, daisies keep coming back even when they are trodden on, picked or cut down by a lawnmower. They are very resilient and keep bouncing back. It is as if they refuse to be defeated, and are determined to keep smiling and enjoying life. The daisies teach us an important lesson - it is not circumstances that determine our mood, but our reaction to them. This is a really important part of school exams, whatever grade or mark you receive, it isn’t about the mark and it is really about how you react to it and what you will do to continue to make progress.

Secondly, daisies often grow surrounded by other daisies. In the same way, we need other people around us. I reminded our students that there are always people at school they can talk to. If they are unsure or want help they can ask their teachers, tutors, Heads of Key Stage or another trusted member of staff.


Best Wishes

Library News  

June is Pride month - The student library team have created a fantastic display of fiction chosen for its good representation of LGBTQ characters, as well as books by diverse authors and some non-fiction as well. 



Books for Empathy Collection

This Thursday was National Empathy Day, students have written their own book recommendations and been given the chance to browse the Empathy Day book collection.

Suggestion Box

The student librarians have created a suggestion box which is on the library desk. Students can now make stock suggestions, give ideas for library improvement or future displays, as well as tell us about their favourite books.

Don’t forget, to keep up to date with all things library related check out the library homepage regularly, its full of author, podcast and bookish news, reading for learning links and information on how to access all our databases.

Year 9 History Projects

This week Year 9 handed in their History projects to Dr Mathews. The students were initially set the task during lockdown and have added the finishing touches to their work over the last half term. The challenge set was to research a topic of their own choice and interest. The work submitted has been outstanding and will be included in our virtual festival on the last day of term.



Half Term Sports Update

Jessica U32

Jessica’s cricket team, Rolleston, have merged with Hilton Cricket Club to create a joint girls team called The Marston Maples. Jessica was captain for their first weekend of games and she proved to be captain material getting a wicket maiden for her team. Jessica is looking forward to cricket club starting this week. Well done, Jessica!

Sowmya L5

Last weekend Sowmya played in a U14/U16 regional netball match for her club, Pennine. It was only her second time playing for regionals and she enjoyed the added level of competition and came away with lots of constructive skills to work on.  

Madeleine U4

This half term Maddie has played football matches for her team, Belper Sports. Her team had a comfortable win, finishing 5-2. Maddie has played with Belper FC for five years. She has also recently began training with Chesterfield U15 and should be playing fixtures once the leagues are back up and running. There are currently still trials for Chesterfield and Maddie will be attending. Good luck, Maddie! 

Daisy U4

Daisy played a netball match against Belper ladies and had a comfortable lead throughout, winning her game.  Daisy played WD and GD for this game, playing out of position. She said “it was a hard game at first and their defence was very strong. But, as the game went on, our play got stronger.  We hadn’t played together for a while due to lockdown as well.” Well done Daisy, playing out of position is difficult and you clearly were able to transfer your skills to perform as an effective player!

Poppy U4

Poppy played netball for Ashbourne Pheonix ladies team and for Ashbourne netball club over the half-term. She also played hockey for Ashbourne Hockey Club in the summer league and played for Clifton Cricket Club. Poppy is an all-rounder, not only fantastic on a netball court but also as a hockey player and a cricketer. Well done, Poppy!

Tia U3

Tia was in Wrexham all week competing in a Tennis Europe tournament over half-term. She got to the semi-finals with her partner in the doubles competition.  It was a great experience for Tia, her first week-long tournament and also first time with professional umpires on court. Tia continues to show her dedication and love for tennis, it is fantastic to watch her develop and progress as a player. Well done, Tia!

Jack U31

Jack plays football for Melbourne Dynamo Tigers, and they are in the Derby Junior Football League. His league hasn’t started back yet, but they have restarted training. Jack is looking forward to when the league re-opens and he gets to play competitively. His team finish 4th last year and have high aspirations for the next title. Well done, Jack!

Partial Solar Eclipse 2021

Yesterday, we were following the partial solar eclipse experienced across the UK at Derby High School. Maximum coverage of close to 30 % was due at the start of break, but despite being ready with a special projector on the Head’s Lawn, we were unlucky with the cloud and could not see the sun. However, some students did manage to follow a live stream of what was visible across the country on You Tube. Here is to better luck with the weather for next one in late October 2022!

Safeguarding Corner

Ofsted Review into Sexual Abuse in Schools

You may have seen the news this week about the publication of the Ofsted review into sexual abuse in schools. It is reported that around nine in 10 girls have experienced sexist name-calling or been sent unwanted explicit pictures. Inspectors were also told that boys shared nude photos on platforms such as WhatsApp and Snapchat like a ‘collection game’.  All students at Derby High receive sessions as part of the PSHE programme addressing this issue, educating them about appropriate behaviour and giving them strategies to deal with unwanted attention online.  If you want to know more, please go to Inappropriate or explicit content | NSPCC which has some useful advice for parents.