11 Jun 2021

Primary High Notes 11th June 2021

Primary High Notes 11th June 2021

In my assembly yesterday I talked about daisies. On my walks to work I see a lot of them, especially in the grass on the pavements along Chain Lane. Unlike many other flowers, daisies are seen as weeds, so we don’t worry if we mow them or trample on them. Daisies are found in many places, including in grass, in cracks in the ground and on waste sites. They are good at conquering new habitats. In fact, daisies can be found everywhere on earth except Antarctica. I think there are two important lessons we can learn from daisies.

Firstly, daisies keep coming back even when they are trodden on, picked or cut down by a lawnmower. They are very resilient and keep bouncing back. It is as if they refuse to be defeated, and are determined to keep smiling and enjoying life. The daisies teach us an important lesson - it is not circumstances that determine our mood, but our reaction to them. This is a really important part of school, whatever grade or mark you receive, it isn’t about the mark and it is really about how you react to it and what you will do to continue to make progress.

Secondly, daisies often grow surrounded by other daisies. In the same way, we need other people around us. I reminded our pupils that there are always people at school they can talk to. If they are unsure or want help they can ask their teachers or another trusted member of staff.

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Year 3s 30 Day Wild Challenge

This week, the children in Year 3 have started their 30-day Wild Challenge set by the Wildlife trust!
For the 30 days in June, the children will take part in outdoor activities to make them more aware of nature and their surroundings. So far they have completed tasks such as a bare foot walk, eating snacks out in the wild and taking a photo of something blue.  


Roman Chariots

After researching and designing Roman Chariots, Year 4 had the opportunity to make their own chariots and race them this week. The children’s chariots were pulled by our motorised horses which were made on our school’s 3D printer.


The fastest and winning chariot was made by Huriayya. Congratulations to Huriayya!

Biographies in Year 4

Year 4 have been introduced to biographies this week. They looked at three different biographies about Walt Disney and analysed them in groups. They then discussed the features of biographies as well as whether they were good examples or not. 


Tennis Success for Mahi

Mahi in Year 4 was selected to represent Derbyshire in the Inter County Team Competition aged 9 and under on 30th May at Sheffield Tennis Centre. She competed in a team of 4 girls facing Cheshire and Yorkshire. Although Derbyshire finished 3rd, they had some close matches and the standard was high. It is brilliant to see our students playing fixtures again! Well done Mahi!

One Day at a Time

Pippa in the Wrens was delighted to find out that some of her art work has been published in a local community project called “One Day at a Time”. The project was all about how different people coped during the recent lockdown. Well done Pippa, we are very proud of your work!


Persuasive design - YouTube Kids app

Persuasive design is a big subject, but essentially it is the design tactics used by companies to get you into apps and keep you in there. A good example of this would be the default 'autoplay' in YouTube, Netflix etc. Concerningly, the YouTube Kids app which is for children under 7 also has autoplay turned on and this is concerning for a number of reasons, including the fact that some inappropriate videos have made their way onto the kids app. If your child uses this app, you may wish to read this article: YouTube’s kids app has a rabbit hole problem - Vox