07 May 2021

Primary High Notes 7th May 2021

Primary High Notes 7th May 2021

My Primary assembly this week focused on kindness and how important it is. I am always so impressed with how thoughtful and kind our pupils are.

We looked back at the 2017 London marathon, where runner David Wyeth’s legs literally collapsed from under him with only a few hundred metres to the finish line. Fellow runner Matt Rees saw that David was clearly struggling and went over to him and helped him finish the race. His natural response was to help a fellow runner who was in a difficult situation. Perhaps it’s time to make kindness a conscious choice rather than a random act. Just like Matt in the marathon, he made a conscious choice to help someone else, even though it adversely affected his personal result. Regardless of the path we choose to walk, let kindness be our constant companion. Rather than label ourselves and carry limiting beliefs that separate us from one another, choose to focus on the common thread that weaves all of us together- kindness. As the Dalai Lama said, “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”


So I asked the children to be consciously kind. In every action, to ask themselves, “Am I being kind?” Let’s find a way to make kindness our default mode. Whether it’s in the playground or the classroom, the fastest way to get where you want to be, is by showing kindness to others along the way. No matter how small, no act of kindness can ever be wasted. Over time, people will forget what you say or do, but they will long remember your kindness.

Best wishes,

Y1 Castle Project

This week the Thrushes have made their own castles by designing and printing their own brick/stone effect paper on the computer then constructing towers, drawbridges and battlements.  Well done, Thrushes!


Science – Eggcellent Experiments!

Continuing with their study about teeth, Year Four have started two experiments using eggs (as we learnt that these are a great substitute for the calcium in our teeth).  They have painted eggshells with fluoride toothpaste and added white vinegar, to understand the effects of acid on their teeth. In addition they have submerged 6 whole eggs in different household liquids (vinegar x2 – one egg covered with toothpaste, milk, Coca Cola, lemonade and lemon juice) to understand the rate of decay.  Interesting stuff!


Pompeii Poetry

Parizay in Haddon has been so inspired by our new Roman topic that she chose to write a fantastic poem ‘What happened to Pompeii?’. Her peers thought it added to their knowledge of the events at the time of the eruption of Vesuvius. Thank you, Parizay!  

Mental Health Awareness Week 10th-16th May

Next week in school we are celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week in form time. The theme is nature and the outdoors and the aim is to encourage young people to engage with and appreciate the natural world around them. Being outside is proven to be excellent to improve mood and wellbeing.  Here is a booklet that the charity have produced that is full of ideas of things you could do with your child: Nature Guide for Parents and Caregivers.pdf (mentalhealth.org.uk)  Whether it is walking, running, gardening, art - get out there and enjoy the great outdoors this week!