30 Apr 2021

Senior High Notes 30th April 2021

Senior High Notes 30th April 2021

In my Senior School assembly this morning I talked about target setting. I find the start of term a great time to make a new resolution! It’s the start of something new and a great opportunity to set a target or two for what you want to achieve by the end of the term. My target this term is to walk to school every day. The distance is 2.9km from my home to school. I am pleased to report that I have done this every day during the first two weeks of term. Apparently researchers who have studied the benefits of walking say that it is ‘the nearest activity to the perfect exercise’. Walking is great for getting you outside, stretching your legs and seeing things you wouldn’t necessarily see if you were taking the same journey in the car. Walking also has significant mental health benefits. Walking can help us feel happier, calm us and take away worries. I have certainly found the time walking home incredibly useful for me to have quiet space.

So, I have managed 10 days of walking to school, only another 39 days to go. Can I do it, even in the rain, which looks likely next week? Absolutely, setting the target and telling everyone my plan will really help me complete my goal.

Best wishes


Industrial Cadets: Bronze Project

14 budding engineers from U4 embarked upon the Industrial Cadets: Bronze project (Formerly Go4SET) on Friday April 23rd.  In Friday’s launch they were able to virtually meet their industrial mentors and find out much more about what the scheme entails.  They were invited to find out about their personality with a view to identifying the best role for them within their team.  Both groups had already chosen their project, with both choosing My School is an Island.  This project invites the group to consider the engineering challenges and solutions of having a self-sufficient school located on its own island.  In the first proper meeting on Tuesday, with roles within the teams already decided, the groups got down to deciding where to locate their school and which engineering challenges that they would address, with energy consumption and generation a key issue.  The groups will have 20 hours to complete the project and will compile a report, present their findings and produce a model of their project.

2021 Photography Competition

This week the Art department announced the winners and highly commended entries of the 2021 Photography competition. The theme was ‘Reflection’ and many amazing and very creative photographs were received from pupils across the year groups and staff. The Art & Design scholars had a tough job judging the categories! A big well done to everyone who took part; all the entries are on display at the top of the stairs near the Art room.

To view the gallery online on our website, click here:

Key Stage 3 Winner, Alyna, Highly Commended, Uchechi


Key Stage 4 Winner, Eleanor, Highly Commended, Elspeth


KS5 Winner, Emily, Highly Commended, Sora


Staff Winner, Mr Gallagher, Highly Commended, Mr Lee


Truly Educated and Careers

For the next few weeks Lower Sixth are looking at the range of assessment and recruitment methods now used when interviewing, selecting and appointing staff.  This Thursday they all created a profile with the Jobfit application which uses a hotel simulation game to assess working styles, strengths and weaknesses.  It looks fascinating!  Students will then receive a bespoke profile and action plan which they can use when researching next steps in their careers e.g. UCAS or Apprenticeships.

We will also be looking at how to tackle group interviews and online assessment centres such as those used for the UCAT Medicine application test.  Watch this space!


Year 9 Football Fixture

It was an absolute pleasure to take our U4 football team to play against Repton this week. It was the first fixture we have been able to play since the start of the academic year and it feels great to have our students playing in competitive fixtures again. Although we finished with Repton winning 4-1, it was a delight to watch the team in action. Well done!!! 

Virtual Fixtures

Congratulations to all Derby High students who took part in the Playwaze virtual fixtures this year. We are delighted to announce that Derby High School is top of the leaderboard for points and participation across the schools is Derbyshire.

The Summer Term Individual Challenges are now ready! Let’s see if we can stay at the top of the leader board. If you would like to take part then follow the link below: 


MFL Poetry Competition

Over the Easter holiday the Languages department ran a poetry competition for all years. Students were asked to write a poem in a language that is not their main one. The entries received were excellent and we were very impressed with the level of language and also the presentation of the poetry entries. A particular mention goes to the year group winners:

  • Year 7 – Holly
  • Year 8 – Zainab
  • Year 9 – Emma
  • Year 10 – Zara and Julia
  • Year 11 – Annette

Individual Portrait Reminder

A reminder to all families we have a professional photographer visiting school next week to take individual portraits of all students. Please refer to the HighPost sent this week for further details. Thank you.

Helpful Social Media privacy settings infographic from Positive Social

Click here for a comprehensive but user friendly guide to checking and, where necessary, changing the security / privacy settings on any Social Media apps and accounts you may have.  You may not know that the default settings of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok etc are actually not that private!  Thanks to Positive Social for providing this infographic, which will be displayed prominently around school and on the school website. 

Safeguarding Corner

Supporting Children’s Mental Health

Sometimes it can be difficult to start a conversation with your child about mental health.  Here is another useful resource from National Online Safety that might help you to break the silence:

To view on Twitter – click here.