30 Apr 2021

Primary High Notes 30th April 2021

Primary High Notes 30th April 2021

In my primary assembly yesterday I talked about the importance of the word ‘yet’. We will all have heard of fixed and growth mindsets and the importance of being able to change and grow with application and experience. We strongly believe in growth mindset at Derby High - someone’s true potential is discovered through support, nurture and challenge and anything can be accomplished through hard work and passion. This idea can also be called the “power of yet”. In other words, you are not there yet, but you can get there. But focusing on a “yet sensibility” is not easy. It is so much easier and quicker to declare you “can’t” do something and then give up. I have asked the children to start each day with the yet sensibility, so next time they say “I don’t get it” or “I can’t do it” they need to add yet onto the end of the sentence. You might just be surprised by what you can achieve if you try this.

At the end of my assembly I shared this wonderful Muppets video about the power of yet. Sesame Street: Janelle Monae - Power of Yet - YouTube  I hope you enjoy it too, it is a great way to talk about the power of yet.


Best wishes

Caterpillars in Pre-School

This week the Wrens have been so excited because we have had a delivery of caterpillars! We are experiencing the life cycle of a butterfly first hand and one of our favourite stories, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is coming to life!


Year 1 Turn into Saint George!

Year 1 learnt all about Saint George last week. They used the webcams in the computer suite to take selfies and insert them into a 'Mash cam' turning themselves into St George. Then they wrote about their life as a knight and what it was like to be fighting fearsome dragons.


Science Topic – Teeth – Disclosing Tablets

Year 4 had great fun on Thursday afternoon, starting off their new science topic with an investigation with a difference… investigating their teeth. The children used a disclosing tablet to explore how well they had been brushing their teeth. They each had an individually wrapped, pre tooth-pasted brush as well as an individual mirror to explore their mouths. Some fantastic conversations about hygiene and daily brushing - well done Year 4. Thank you, Mrs Hamilton for purchasing all the resources and for organising such a fun, but informative afternoon!


Pompeii Parachute Volcano

As part of their book study ‘Escape from Pompeii’, Year 4 ventured outside (in the rain) to use Miss Stirland’s giant parachute to recreate the eruption of Vesuvius. The children then used this experience to generate powerful verbs and vocabulary in order to create their own descriptive recount of the eruption. The rain was an added bonus as it bounced so dramatically on the parachute!


Year 5 Athletics

Our first Year 5 athletics club started this week, with a run, a jump and a throw. Lots of great skills were on show!


Year 5 Travel Back in Time to the Victorians

This week Year 5 travelled back in time to experience school as a Victorian child. Lessons included handwriting using a blackboard and chalk, break time was with authentic playground games and for lunch they had gruel! The children even had a "drill" with very strict teachers, who reminded them "children should be seen, not heard!"



The DHS Mile

From Monday 26th April, Junior children have been given the opportunity to ‘go the extra mile’ every morning from Mondays to Thursdays in order to add some more exercise to their daily routines and help their overall well-being. By completing approximately 4 laps of the school field, children can add a mile to their day and feel refreshed and energized for their day of learning ahead.

If any child wishes to come down on any day, they do not need to sign up, just be in school by 8:10am and head down to the field with Mr Horne and/or Mrs Coward. They should have trainers on if they are in summer school uniform, or their school PE kit if it is a PE or sports club day. We can’t wait to see who can get the most miles in between now and the end of term!



British Science Week Poster Competition

As part of British Science week back in March, Year 6 children were given the opportunity to submit a poster under the theme of ‘Innovating for the Future’. They were tasked with designing a gadget, device, toy or machine that would benefit themselves, their family or even the world!

After an intense judging process, Mr Harper confirmed the 5 winners who would have their posters submitted into the British Science Week competition with the chance to win some amazing prizes for themselves and for school! Those 5 winners are: Ben, Gulona, Avarie, Rohini and Margie. Well done to everyone who submitted a poster, Mr Harper stated that it was VERY difficult to choose and wished to congratulate everyone for the high quality of their entries.

Members of the British Science Association will shortlist entries, and a panel of judges will select a winner in each category. The two runners up in each category will be uploaded to the British Science Association Facebook page and the public will decide on a fifth ‘popular vote’ winner. Keep an eye out on the British Science Week Facebook page for more information.



Virtual Fixtures

Congratulations to all Derby High pupils who took part in the Playwaze virtual fixtures this year. We are delighted to announce that Derby High School is top of the leaderboard for points and participation across the schools is Derbyshire.

The Summer Term Individual Challenges are now ready! Let’s see if we can stay at the top of the leader board. If you would like to take part then follow the link below:  


Individual Portrait Reminder

A reminder to all families we have a professional photographer visiting school next week to take individual portraits of all pupils. Please refer to the HighPost sent on Wednesday 28th April for further details. Thank you.

Safeguarding Corner

Sometimes it can be difficult to start a conversation with your child about mental health.  Here is another useful resource from National Online Safety that might help you to break the silence:

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