23 Apr 2021

Primary High Notes 23rd April 2021

Primary High Notes 23rd April 2021

I find the start of term a great time to make a new resolution! It’s the start of something new and a great opportunity to set a target or two for what you want to achieve by the end of the term. In my Primary assembly yesterday, I explained to the children that my target this term is to walk to school every day. The distance is 2.9km from my home to school. I am pleased to report that I have done this every day this week. Apparently researchers who have studied the benefits of walking say that it is ‘the nearest activity to the perfect exercise’. Walking is great for getting you outside, stretching your legs and seeing things you wouldn’t necessarily see if you were taking the same journey in the car. Walking also has significant mental health benefits. Walking can help us feel happier, calm us and take away worries. I have certainly found the time walking home incredibly useful for me this week to have quiet space.

So, I have managed 5 days of walking to school, only another 44 days to go. Can I do it, even in the rain? Absolutely!  Setting the target and telling everyone my plan will really help me complete my goal.

Best wishes,

Exploring Vocabulary in the Wrens

Our maths focus in the Wrens this week has been positional language. We have been exploring vocabulary such as 'below', 'outside', 'inside', 'behind' and 'opposite'. The Wrens have been using the dinosaurs to deepen their understanding and have put them in lots of interesting places for their friends to find!


The Chocolate Chomper in Year 2

Yesterday Year 2 were detectives, investigating the mystery of the Chocolate Chomper. Who has eaten all of Mr Gould's chocolates? In mathematics, the children have been measuring the chief suspects’ handprints and footprints to the nearest millimetre to try and find the culprit.


Year 4 RE Mehndi Patterns

As part of their RE topic last half term, Year 4 found out about Muslim weddings, as part of their research, they learnt about mehndi patterns, here are some of their wonderful designs. 


Escape from Pompeii

Year 4’s new topic for this half term is the Romans.  In English this week, they started a new short book study ‘Escape from Pompeii’ – after some extensive thesaurus work, the children were split into small groups and created some wonderful performance poems based on Vesuvius erupting.


Beat The Street continues throughout April

We hope you are enjoying the Beat the Street challenge which continues throughout April. During Beat the Street there are some fantastic events going on. For more information visit the web site:  Derby | Beat the Street

Activate Camps – Summer Camps

We’re delighted to announce Activate Camps will be holding summer camps at Derby High School throughout the summer holidays. The camps are for children aged 5 to 14. Dates and full details can be found here by clicking here.

A 10% discount is available for any early bookings, booked by 26th April.  Use code SUMMER when booking for the discount to be applied.

Safeguarding Corner

Social Media and Cyber-advice Posters (PDSC/ChildSafeVPN)

Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is a not-for-profit organisation, owned by the police, who believe that the majority of cyber crime can be prevented by taking a few simple steps.

PDSC partners, ChildsafeVPN, has created a set of useful infographics about cyber-safety aspects of the main apps and sites that young people may come across.  These give an outline of how to keep yourself safe on sites such as instagram, tiktok and youtube.

You can download the posters here: https://www.policedsc.com/security-advice/safeguarding