26 Mar 2021

Primary High Notes 26th March 2021

Primary High Notes 26th March 2021

The past three weeks back have provided us all with a degree of normality, albeit with a variety of restrictions in place, and the pupils have all responded amazingly. We can also feel positivity for the future – not only to deliver the best education possible in the safest way possible, but also to ensure that Derby High School comes back even stronger than ever after the enforced period of remote learning, with a re-doubled sense of the vital purpose of education and a commitment to achieving our individual academic and personal potential.

I would like to pay tribute to the way that pupils, parents and staff have coped with all the issues faced over the past year. Your messages of support and positive feedback have been appreciated more than we can say.

Best Wishes

Primary Easter Service

This morning our Primary School came together online to watch our Easter Service.  Recorded in school last week, we hope you enjoy watching this combination of readings, reflections, music and prayers. On behalf of everyone at Derby High School we wish you a happy, peaceful and enjoyable Easter.

To watch on YouTube please click here.



The Banjo Challenge

Due to popular demand Mrs Cooke launched another Derby High Primary Music Challenge at the beginning of this half term. In Music lessons the children discussed the six generations of Country music which evolved throughout the twentieth century, focusing on changes in instrumentation and style. As a continuation to this, pupils were challenged to make their very own banjo at home and play along to a well know remixed dance version of the traditional American folk song “Cotton Eye Joe”.

We are now delighted to share with you the final video, including all the banjo challenge videos we received! Well done and thank you to all the participants. We hope you enjoy watching it!

To watch the Derby High Primary Music Banjo Challenge click here. 

Easter Egg Collection for Food 4 Thought

Thank you to every one for their Easter Egg donations to support local charity Food4Thought. We really appreciate all the kind donations. We would especially like to thank Raw Revolution By Natural Dogs Direct and their customers for donating so many Easter Eggs and for collecting them yesterday to be delivered.


Beat the Street

We're so excited to be joining Beat the Street Derby. This week in Primary assembly Mr. Harper explained how to play. We are all looking forward to earning points through being active in this fun, walking, running, cycling, scooting and rolling game! 

Parents received a HighPost on Monday outlining how to play the interactive challenge and all children received their card or fob earlier this week. More information can be found on the web site: Derby | Beat the Street

To watch a short two minute video explaining Beat the Street click here. 

Year 4 - Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Year 4 have finished reading the fantastic book 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone'.  This week they watched the movie in readiness to write a comparative text in English tomorrow.  Our penultimate art lesson for this term was working with chalk to create a moody Hogwarts castle through the mist and moonlit sky.


Lego Club

Lego Club for Year 4 is a fun place to hang out with friends.  It has grown from 9 students to 26 children this term! We finished Monday's session with a 'What does Easter mean to you?'  As you can see from the picture - wonderful, varied creations with smiling children.

Safeguarding Corner

Instagram New Safety Features

An interesting new feature being rolled out by Instagram will hopefully stop adults private messaging persons under the age of 18 (unless the child follows the adult). As you will be aware, you should be 13 or over to use Instagram. This is verified when you create your account you enter a year of birth. It is known that many don't put their correct birth year for many different reasons, but this also means that some under 18's will have adult accounts.

Further to this, for adults and children that follow each other, Instagram is introducing a new feature where, if an adult has previously been exhibiting suspicious behaviour, such as sending a large amount of friend or message requests to people under 18, the child will receive a prompt to be cautious.

You can read more about these features by clicking here.

YouTube New Parental Controls

New controls have been released by YouTube to give parents better filtering management. Previously the only filtering option was 'Restricted Mode' which basically meant videos flagged as 18+ were filtered out. Called 'Supervised Experience' there are now filters for:

  • Explore - 9+
  • Explore More - 13+
  • Most of YouTube - all videos except 18+ (the current Restricted Mode)

YouTube released a handy explainer video which can be viewed by clicking here.