12 Mar 2021

Senior High Notes 12th March 2021

Senior High Notes 12th March 2021

Combine a Tinkerbell quote, a duet from Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and a song from the Shrek movie and you have my Senior assembly this week! The important message behind all of this was that when you believe in yourself, what seems impossible might just be possible. Sometimes we are faced with great obstacles in our own lives – conflict with our friends, family break-up, stress, worries about school, Covid-19 – and we think that it is impossible to find a solution. Yet, even in those situations, if we persevere and believe in ourselves, a way forward often seems to open up. The lyrics from “I’m a believer” by the Monkees which featured in the first Shrek movie and Mariah and Whitney’s duet “When you believe” from animation film The Prince of Egypt, both look at how important having belief in yourself is to help move your own mountains and achieve what at first might seem impossible.

“All it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust”- Peter Pan. This is a wonderful quote to live by. Believe in yourself, trust in others, and trust in yourself. You have to give yourself a fighting chance for success, then love, wonder and magic will happen.

It has been wonderful having all of our students back in school this week. To have the school full of laughter, chatter and smiles is fantastic. We have all been so impressed with how everyone has managed the transition back into in-person learning. Our tutors have ensured their tutees have been supported fully, by having individual check-ins talking about the transition back to school and the coming weeks.

Best wishes

Acrobatics Competition

Congratulations to Megan in U4 for winning the Acrobatics competition she entered during the lock down period. Not only should Megan be proud of winning 1ST place, but also proud that she choreographed the routine herself. Megan dedicated a lot of time and hard work into creating such a winning routine. Well done!


U6 Speaker in Physics

On Monday, we welcomed Dr Rebecca Dewey, a research fellow at Nottingham University, to speak to our U6 physics students (remotely on Teams!) about Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and her own research work using MRI in the area of medical physics, which our students are currently studying for their option. Dr Dewey gave a comprehensive overview of how MRI was first developed (in the 1970s at Nottingham University) and how widely it is used today, including to monitor the effects of disease on the nervous system and brain and to assess cochlea performance in cases of hearing loss. It was a very visual presentation that in some cases produced surprising images of the internal structure of certain objects (can you guess the fruit shown in the image below?). Our students asked many excellent, probing questions and it was fitting to have a female academic speak to our students on International Women’s Day.

Weekend PE Challenge

The ‘plank’ challenge. Open to all students, staff and parents!

Take a photo of yourself performing a plank in an unusual place (on a walk, in your house or garden, on your own or with other family members.) Take the photo and email it to the PE dept. These will then have the chance to be featured on our social media accounts next week.

Running Corner

Remember running club is still happening, it’s open to all staff, students, parents and alumni - join us on Strava or tag us on Twitter.


Healthy Sleep Tips for Children

Good sleep is important for your child’s physical and mental wellbeing. The NHS web site has lots of useful and helpful tips on healthy sleep for children and teenagers.  Here are some links you may find useful:

Healthy sleep tips for children. Click here.

Healthy sleep tips for teenagers. Click here.

British Esports Association works to create a safer esports space for young people

Esports (or electronic sports) is a term used to describe competitive video gaming.

Although 'grown-ups' may view video gaming as a waste of leisure time, esports is a hugely popular recreational activity that now offers many job and career opportunities around the world. Last year, British Esports teamed up with education publisher Pearson to develop the world's first esports BTEC qualification.

British Esports is a not-for-profit national body established in 2016 to promote esports in the UK, increase its level of awareness, improve standards and inspire future talent.

The Association is set to launch a new membership platform for 12 - 19, which aims to make competitive video gaming safer for children and young people. Users are verified at the point of entry and communication within the platform is reviewed to reduce toxicity and cyber threats.

Find out about a competitive school video gaming competition for students aged 12+ here: https://britishesports.org/championships/

A parents guide to esports: https://britishesports.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Esports-Parents-Guide-v3.pdf

Esports Age Guide to video games (from age 3 - 18+: https://britishesports.b-cdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Pegi-infographic_revised_Aug-2019.pdf )

Safeguarding Corner

Whats App

To read “What parents and carers need to know about WhatsApp”, issued by National Online Safety please click here. Please note that the age restriction is 16+ for this app.

DITTO Magazine

Here is the link to this month's DITTO magazine on Online Safety, written specifically for teachers and parents. Do have a look! 

Direct download (PDF document) HERE