15 Mar 2019

Year 5 Visit the Black Country Museum

Year 5 travelled back in time to the historical Black Country Living Museum. We were studying Rose Bradley, Samuel Webb and Lilian Hodgkiss. We visited Lilian’s house and also looked inside Rose’s. We realised that Rose had a good life because other children weren’t as lucky as she was. Instead of having radiators and gas central heating, people used fires to keep warm. Also, their toilet was outside and was only a bucket or a hole in the ground.

After a while, we visited the coal mines. We all had to wear helmets to protect our heads and some people had dim torches. We walked carefully down steep slopes and at some points the ceiling became very low. Some miners talked to us and explained their jobs. There was a young boy called Billy who was only 12 and already working in the mines! We experienced what it was like in pitch black darkness and also witnessed an explosion! It was sad to hear that lots of miners are killed every year from different hazards and are paid very little for doing such a dangerous job.

The best part was probably going to the sweet shop and buying historical sweets like bon-bons and acid drops. Going to the Black Country Museum was an incredible experience and I would recommend it 5 stars to everyone!

By Hannah, Year 5

15th March 2019