18 Jan 2019

Victorian School Day for Year 5

On Monday, Y5 experienced a very different morning in school – they became Victorian school children!

Their classroom was transformed and they experienced what school would have been like for children in 1890. They paid a penny for their lessons with their very strict teachers and had to sit in silence – ‘Children should be seen and not heard!’.

Rote learning included reciting the alphabet, times tables, capital cities and spellings and some were punished with the dunces cap or the cane! The inspector came to visit and he was not impressed with Standard Five – there was far too much giggling!

After break, they completed drill exercises outside and even had gruel for lunch! Everyone (including Mrs E-B) was happy to be transported back to 2019 for their afternoon lessons. Well done Year 5!

“The morning was fun, but I wouldn’t want to be a Victorian school child in 1890!” Lydia

“It definitely wasn’t easy being a pupil in Victorian times, the teachers were scary!” Laila

“I learnt that the Victorians took everything very seriously, especially the 3R’s!” Hannah

“There were lots of punishments in Victorian times!” Charlotte

18th January 2019