22 Jan 2019

Terrific Trampolining

Derby High trampolining teams reached the heights of the prestigious zonal competition and travelled to Hatfield to perform their routines. Only one step below the National level the standard was very high, and the trampolines were extremely powerful, so keeping control was paramount!

Charlotte made a great start, early in the morning, in the U14/15 age group and gained 7s from the judges for her routines. Anais continued in this vein with a superb somersault and seat drop. Chantal also wowed with her back drop to achieve a 7 and Hettie (on her birthday!) achieved a row of 7.1s for her voluntary routine. Overall this put the team in a brilliant 5th place.

The U12s and U13s competed after lunch in a very strong novice group. Esme performed first and gave the team a great start with 7s. Evie gave a great performance in her second routine with a strong back drop to achieve a 7.3. Priya reached the dizzy heights of a fantastic 7.5 for her set routine and the judges were very impressed with Millie’s routines awarding her an excellent 7.7!!

After a nervous wait the U12/13s were awarded a 5th place and Millie also achieved a 5th place in the individual competition! Fabulous results!!

Coach Mrs Hancock said that the girls have been an absolute pleasure to coach and is looking forward to them progressing further. She would also like to thank the girls' very supportive parents!

21st January 2019