26 Jun 2019

Senior Sports Day 2019

The sun was shining as the eagerly anticipated Senior Sports Day commenced! A sea of competitors in striking house coloured t-shirts waited patiently for their own events, whilst cheering on their friends in track and field disciplines and traditional summer races. There were some fantastic performances in all age groups and the staff who were involved in timing, measuring and judging were extremely impressed!

Special mentions to Orla (L6) who equalled the high jump record and to Annabelle (U4) who achieved a new record in the 300m. Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd were presented on the podium as well as the prestigious Victrix Ludorum for the athlete achieving the most points on the day. This honour went to Annabelle (U4)! House points were totalled at the end and this included the points achieved by the staff in the egg and spoon relay which was organised by the Sports Captain Sarah (L6).

The result was a win for St Patrick and their prize was a huge trophy and the honour of being first in to lunch!!

Well done to everyone!