13 May 2019

Engineering Education Celebration

Our EES team travelled to Solihull for their Celebration and Graduation Day. The EES is a non-competitive programme where the girls work with a local company (in this case JCB), on a real life and current project. The team has been working hard on this project since October, meeting every week for at least an hour afterschool, attending a 2 day residential, and putting in many hours in their free time to ensure that this was an excellent project, completed on time and meeting the brief exactly.

This year their brief was to design and build a prototype for a Self Levelling Attachments Frame (for one of JCB’s many vehicles). This frame had to be designed so as to eliminate its rotational movement which can cause spillage.

This intellectually challenging task saw the girls use all their academic skills in science and maths as well as having to learn to code from scratch, problem solve and work together as a team. They worked to a very high standard with JCB happy to take on the many ideas they have put forward for their future proofed design.

As part of their work they have been awarded the highest level award for a student working in industry- a Gold Industrial Cadet Award and will receive their Gold CREST awards later in the year! A huge well done to Sarah, Rosie, Hannah, Emma and Jaimy.