Second Hand Uniform Sales

Some fantastic volunteers run a second hand uniform shop which is based in the Senior School building. The shop offers parents the opportunity to purchase good quality second hand uniform at very reasonable prices and at a fraction of the cost of new uniform.

Sale dates are no longer listed in the school calendar.  The shop will open every 2-3 weeks and parents will be notified a week in advance by Highpost.  Days and times will vary to suit more parents.

To access the Uniform Shop, please come to main reception and sign in.

As a parent, if you have benefitted from our Second Hand Uniform Sales and if you would like to support the ongoing sale of second hand uniform please leave your name at the main Senior School reception for the attention of the uniform shop team.

We kindly ask that any uniform given to the shop for sale, should be sent into the school office a few days prior to the shop's next opening date with sale tickets attached. Unfortunately, we cannot accept uniform outside of this time frame due to lack of storage.  Any item which is priced too high will be adjusted to bring it within a reasonable selling price.

If you wish items to be fully donated, please send in without any tickets attached and a note in the bag stating 'All Items Donated'.

Payment by card is preferred, however cash or cheque may be accepted in some circumstances.

Terms and conditions of sale:

  • All items for sale are left at owners risk.
  • Only good quality, clean, ironed, undamaged current uniform will be accepted into the sale.  (Refer to suggested price list below for list of accepted items).  The school's say is final as to the merchantable quality of uniform entered in to the sale.  Any items not considered suitable for resale will be discarded or donate to charity (if suitable).
  • We do not accept any shirts, blouses, boys' trousers, socks, shoes, swimwear, old style primary summer dresses, duffle coats or any item that is not current school uniform.
  • Please label all items with a sales label & submit your printed sales list (the sales list and labels are available to download, auto complete and print from the Excel spreadsheet below) and attach the label with a safety pin only (adhesive tape may be used for tennis racquets and hockey sticks).  Please refer to the suggested price list when adding a price to each item.
  • Any unlabelled items will be deemed to be donations, with profits from their sale given wholly to the school.
  • Payment to sellers will be made either in the form of a credit to their school account for current DHS families, or as a direct payment to a family no longer with DHS.
  • No uniform once entered into a sale will be returned to a seller.  If after a period of one year an item remains unsold, the price will be reduced if required at the annual stock check. Items that remain unsold for a significant period of time will be donated to charity, unless otherwise specified.  
  • Please help us to help you. It does make economic sense to recycle items that are in good condition.
  • By entering an item for sale, the seller agrees to these terms.

Please click here for Second Hand Uniform Suggested Prices

Please click here for Second Hand Uniform Labels which you can complete electronically before printing.